I’m pretty disciplined to exercise and workout 4 to 5 days per week. I know the benefits, and I enjoy the benefits.

Where I’m not so disciplined is in the eating department, what I put in my mouth. I know the benefits of eating healthy, and I enjoy the benefits of eating healthy (on those occasions when I actually do…eat healthy.)

The problem occurs when I see or smell something amazing – and terribly unhealthy for me. If I pause and get stuck in the think, I’m toast.

What I call “getting stuck in the think” is when you hesitate from doing what you know is the right (healthy) decision, and instead start convincing yourself that it’s just a little slice, I can burn this off-no problem, I deserve this. Hesitate and you’re dead.

What is the best practice? Look away. Walk away. Don’t even startthe thinking process (rationalizing.)

The same applies to our finances. We know it is healthy to spend less- save more. But we all have our different areas of financial weaknesses.

When tempted to make an impulse purchase, don’t get stuck in the think. Walk away. If you are online, click away! If you hesitate and get stuck in the think, you lose.

They say the best defense is a good offense and I will share with you my favorite offensewhen tempted to get stuck in the think: I take out my phone and transfer from my checking account to my savings account, the dollar amount of the item I am tempted to buy. 

In that move, I am conquering money rather than letting money conquer me. I am not an animal that has to obey every urge or impulse. I can make healthy choices, and so can you! Give my favorite tricka try. Share your story with me, I would love to hear it.

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