A young boy walked many miles with thousands of other people, following Jesus, to hear his radical yet comforting teaching.

Do you know why Jesus’ teaching was considered “radical” to his listeners?

The area in which they walked is what we would refer to as “the great outdoors.” The sun was brutally hot and there was no air conditioning for comfort. Also missing in this landscape were convenient stores or fast food restaurants to buy food for when you get hungry.

When this young boy and 5000 others set out on their journey it wasn’t just for a few minutes or even an hour but all day.  People in Jesus’ day were accustomed to starting their day at 6 AM, the “first hour” of the day.

 When do you start your day?

They finished their day when the sun went down. So, it is very possible that this boy and the thousands of others were out walking, and sitting, for 12 hours!

If you’re going to be away from home and walk in the great outdoors for 12 hours how much food would you bring with you?

In a normal 12 hour period, we would eat breakfast, then lunch, then dinner; 3 meals.

This young “lad” came prepared; he brought a bag holding a couple of dried fish, and 5 bread rolls—this food was supposed to sustain him ALL day.

By the time this massive crowd climbed a mountain, following Jesus, everyone stopped. 

Groaning could be heard as people were talking about their hunger and wondering what and how they were going to eat—it had been a long day.

The boy could see the disciples of Jesus lookingfor something as they quickly passed through the crowd. Suddenly, a large man was standing in front of him, looking down with kind eyes.

“There is a lad here, which hath five barley loaves, and two small fishes: but what are they among so many?” said the man, who they discovered later was named Andrew.

All of a sudden, thousands of people began to sit on the mountainside. The young lad realized that he was the only person who had brought food. The Master was asking for his food.

This was not merely a lunch sack, this was all the sustenance this boy had to survive the whole day. If he gave his all—the only nourishment he had with him, how will he be able to eat and have the strength and energy needed to walk all the home that night?

He couldn’t quite explain it at that moment, but he trusted this Jesus and the kind disciple who help his hand out to receive the food.

He watched as Andrew brought this insignificant amount of food to Jesus. Though there were thousands, it became so quiet that all you could hear were the locust scratching in the trees.

“What’s going to happen next?” wondered the lad.

As everyone watched, Jesus looked up to the heavens and thanked God for the food He provided and for what He was about to do. What happened next seemed as if it were a dream!

Jesus began tearing ash the bread, just as the boy’s mom would have done at dinner, but he could not believe his eyes. Jesus kept tearing and distributing bread, but the bread did not run out! It kept multiplying!

He watched with his mouth dropped in awe as Jesus broke the fish and handled it to his disciples, the fish didn’t run out. How can this be?

Several hours had passed and the young boy noticed that EVERYBODY ate as much as they could! Jesus made so much food that there were actually leftovers, twelve whole baskets full!

There were more voices talking now. The boy could hear the men speaking to each other, saying “This is of a truth that prophet that should come into the world.”

Then it all became clear; while he was willing to give everything he had, which was very little, Jesus turned it into more than enoughAND, this young boy did not suffer hunger because of his sacrifice—God provided more than enough!

   What we see as being very little, God makes much out of it.

   What seems to be impossible to us, God makes it more than possible.

When it seems we have little to give, but we do give to the Lord, willingly, trusting Him, He shows us how mighty He is and He provides for our needs anddoes amazing things with our gifts that we could never do ourselves!

Do you believe God is able to take your gift, do something much greater with it, and stillprovide for you and your family?

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