I have a very strong consumer advocate mindset and I am in constant need of keeping it in check. Blame it on my years in Retail management, and all the books I’ve read—that consumer gene runs deep.

I believe that at a minimum, a consumer ought to receive what they paid for. Anything less is not acceptable, if more is received, that business would indeed earn our loyalty.

I find the dining experience at a restaurant the most challenging.

For most of my adult life, I would speak up, politely, if I did not receive the meal I ordered, or as I ordered it (Is anyone with me on this?).

 Yet, in those times I found it almost disingenuous to leave a gospel tract. Why in the world should they have an interest in what I (that guest who sent the fajitas back) left on the table for them? When does speaking up trump being a loving example of Christ? 

In the last year or so I have been convicted to make more of Christ than a food order delivered properly. I admit, my flesh resists like a cat to a bath, but “I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me.” When I stand before Christ, it will not matter if my steak was prepared medium or well-done, but to hear “Well done!” because I kept a godly testimony, opening the door for a conversation about eternity.

I find it much easier and genuine to leave a gospel tract or ask the waiter/waitress about heaven if I have been kind, selfless—and leave a generous tip!

Being Christ-like above being a consumer advocate is not limited to the restaurant experience, of course. It applies to every interaction with others; auto repair (help me Lord!), in-home service repair persons, the Department of Motor Vehicles (I’m going to need some Chamomile tea for that one).

It helps to picture ourselves standing before Christ and giving an account of all that we have done in our lives; all actions done by faith unto the Lord will be rewarded and all actions done selfishly—unto ourselves will burn (1 Cor. 3:11-15). 

Let’s pray for one another, to let Christ live through us, hiding our ugly flesh behind the majesty of our Savior!

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