I am not asking why you are living, but what drives your living?
It may seem that we live to earn money so that we can take care ourselves and our families.
Considering that we dedicate eight (sometimes more) hours of the day working to earn money. Then we spend additional hours thinking about, worrying about, stressing over, money.
Then there is time spent on budgeting, paying bills, giving, and spending.

Sounds crazy, right?
Although it may seem that our world revolves around money, the truth is that it is a tool, but for many, it can also be a trap.
Behind every WHAT is a WHY. Put another way, behind every PURSUIT is a PURPOSE—a value.
And therein lies the key.
It may seem like we spend the bulk of our waking hours in the pursuit of money, but the pursuit does not have to rule our hearts.
“The heart drives the bus!”
If our purpose—our value is to honor the Lord and please Him, we will do well.
If on the other hand, our purpose is primarily to pursue more— we are in trouble!

Gehazi was man who had the awesome privilege of being the servant for that great prophet of God, Elisha. Imagine how awesome it would be to work side by side with Elisha and witness firsthand the mighty works of God! (The dead were raised to life, a widow received more than more than enough oil to sell and pay her husband’s debts)

On one occasion the mighty commander of the Syrian army sought out Elisha so that he can be healed of his disease of leprosy. After an exercise in humiliation (see 2 Kings 5), this commander was indeed healed and graciously offered money to Elisha in gratitude. When Elisha refused, his servant, Gehazi, saw an opportunity and followed after the commander. When Gehazi caught up with this man of power, he made up a story and claimed that the money is needed after all.
This commander gave Gehazi so much money that it required several servants of the commander to carry it back to where Gehazi lived.
Immediately upon his return, Elisha knew what he had done, and the curse of leprosy that once plagued the commander now plagued Gehazi and would follow his family line forever.

What would you have done? The money was on the table. The guy offered the money and it was refused. Very tempting. We face similar situations in our lives quite frequently. The question is, how will we respond. Wherever our heart is, is how we will respond.

Those who are living for financial gain will inevitably find their hearts drawn away from God.

Love God, seek Him. Do not love money and let your heart love money.

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