They say the road of good intentions leads to nowhere.

Intentions make us feel better about ourselves and our plans, for a moment. But intentions alone get nothing done. We are drawn to give our time and attention to that which brings us the more immediate gratification, which results in important- but not fun- issues of life being put in the back burner until we get around to them

As with all other areas of life we value, family, faith, friends, finances require a dose of intentionality- and I want to help you make it easier.

One of the first things that hit grab our attention financially are bills. They present themselves every month – they don’t go away. Sometimes we may be tempted to put off a bill or two in order to do something more enjoyable with that money. And, sometimes, we get hit with late fees and penalties for doing so.

You may be surprised at how many bills we are able to pay each month automatically which spares us from the exercise of sitting down and thinking about it. Many, if not most, or your service providers offer automatic monthly payments.
The key is to clearly budget for each item, then mark it in your calendar so you are not caught unprepared. Making such payments automatically will save you from paying unnecessary fees and penalties and may even boost your credit score.

Saving. Set up automatic, monthly deposits into your savings account, or it will not happen consistently. Make it easy, make it automatic. Designate a dollar amount you can commit to and go online to you savings account and set it up (Fire and forget).
Trust me, it will not happen by pure intentions. Personally, I “purposed” to set aside $50 per month for my daughter’s future, the day she was born. One year later I checked my balance and it was only $150. In one year’s time I had only made three deposits out of twelve, running on intentions. I quickly set up monthly automatic deposits and haven’t missed a month in 15 years!


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