Jesus used parables to teach spiritual truths, using terms and elements of life that people can easily relate to.

This parable is one of sixteen parables that are related to money. While we see that money is involved, it is not the heart of the parable.

In This Episode, We Look At:

An employer (lord) leaves for a long journey; this is a picture of our Savior who has ascended into Heaven and will return again.

He entrusts his employees (stewards) with his wealth while he is away; God calls us to be faithful with what He has entrusted to us while we wait for His return.

He gives a portion to each of the three, according to their varying strengths and abilities; God knows our faithfulness (or lack of faithfulness) and gives to us accordingly.

After a long time their lord returns and has each steward give an account of their stewardship; we will all stand before the judgement seat of Christ and give an account of all that we have done in our lifetime- whether it be good or bad (2 Cor. 5:10)

The faithful are rewarded, the unfaithful lose what had been entrusted to him; Christ will reward our faithfulness, and everything that we have done selfishly, or by lack of faith, will be lost (loss of rewards).

Improve Your Faith and Finances:

If we would live each day being mindful that Christ may return at any moment, we would be more inclined to live faithfully for Him — we do not want to be found unfaithful.

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