What does Retirement look like today?

Are we stressing to have everything ready by age 65?

In This Episode, We Look At:

While we do not find retirement in the New Testament (the Levities in the OT were required to retire at age 50), there are certainly principles that help us with that issue today.

The importance of preserving your ability to earn an income today, and today.

We look at the value of your unique experiences and skill sets.

The possibility of continuing the work you enjoy and not retiring.

Transitions into other fields vs retiring, including entrepreneurial pursuits.

Mini retirements. Yep, taking a month or more off as a sabbatical— getting a taste of retirement, then back to work you enjoy.

Improve Your Faith and Finances:

Continue the discipline of saving and investing for your financial future, strive to the best at what you do, and seek to learn a new skill, or improve existing skills.

Share Your Thoughts:

If you have a question or comment about today’s topic, we invite you to share your thoughts.

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