‘Tis the season for resolutions and goals.


I love goals. Resolutions? Not so much. Why? The Average Joe (or Josephine) excitedly set out on his/her resolutions and then abandons them after about 2 1/2 weeks (on average)



In This Episode, We Look At:

The lack of accountability is a major contributor to abandoned resolutions

I am a proponent of moving forward, improving various areas of our lives, which are generally defined in Annual measurements — and I believe that is where the problem lies.

A 365 Day goal can seem overwhelming on Day three for example, or especially after a set back and we’re starting all over— with only 362 days to go!

A 13 Week Goal seems to be more effective.

Taken one week at a time

Focusing on one day at a time.

[In Episode 17, we covered Habits]

It is One-quarter of year.

Choose a measurable goal that you would like to accomplish in a shorter period of time:

Weight loss? Can do!

Improve strength? Can do!

Write that Book? Can do!

Lower cholesterol? Yep!

Key: Daily focus, weekly review


Track daily action steps in a journal of digital file


      1. Each day of the week, have your goal (13 week) written at the top
      2. List up to three Action steps you will accomplish TODAY3.
      3. Do this before you go to sleep the night before

Example: Goal : Reduce belly measurement by 3 inches

That breaks down to 1/4″ per week – doable.

Daily actions steps : Consume less than 80 grams of carbs. Drink 6 cups of water. Workout

Example: Increase savings balance by $5,000 (year)

That is $1,250 for the quarter— $96/ week > $13.73/day

Daily Action steps: (Varies per individual)

Be a Saver and not a Spender today

Eat each meal at home >transfer $ from checking to savings


Review your own progress at the end of each day.


Example: Did I consume less than 80 grams of Carbs?

Yes? Check it off.  No? Be honest with yourself and write down what happened and what correction will do tomorrow in order to achieve your daily goal


Review your progress for the past week.

This is SELF-accountability

This is important! There will be failures, missed goals, but they can be improved/corrected for the next week!

List your wins (activities completed)
List what needs to be improved next week.


Resources and Links:

Best Self Journal

Panda Journal

Michael Hyatt’s Full Focus Journal

Improve Your Faith and Finances:

Clarify a measurable 13-week goal, or two, then break your action steps to weekly and daily targets. Review your own progress each night before you go to bed, then at the end of each week.

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