People often ask me if a Christian investor can be broadly diversified and avoid immoral companies?

In This Episode, We Look At:

What factors would be utilized to determine whether a company is immoral or not

Do they sell alcohol?

Do they sell pornography or Rated R movies?

Do they support Planned Parenthood?

Do they financially promote lifestyles that God says are sinful?

Do they directly or indirectly financially support human trafficking?

Investment products aimed at screening company stocks based on morals

Are they expensive?

How much is someone paid to sell you one?

Spending your money on their products and services is much more support than owning a few shares of their stock

The shares of stock you buy today are sold on the secondary market—you are not buying them from the company.

Don’t want to support immoral companies?

Don’t buy pornography, alcohol, drugs, etc.

Improve Your Faith and Finances:

If you wish to have a real impact on companies that you consider moral, purchase products and services directly from them. That will have a greater impact on their financial health than owning shares of their stocks.

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