While I certainly recommend having up to 6 months of living expenses saved up, we ought to completely depend on the Lord and not trust in our savings.

In This Episode, We Look At:

Could you save enough to withstand a worst-case financial scenario? Should that even be the goal? We should not strive to replace the role God has in our financial life.

God’s role is Provider, even when (and especially when) it seems impossible.

We may find ourselves in a devastating financial situation where we see no way out.

God’s promises and His ways are beyond our understanding. God can do the miraculous.

This is where faith trumps sight—and that’s exactly what God wants.

His ways may seem impossible. The last thing that would make sense during a financial crisis is to give.

In 1 Kings 17, we meet a widowed woman who has no substance and is about to make a final meal for her and her son. The solution to her dire situation, as communicated by God through His prophet, Elijah, is to feed the prophet first. Put yourself in her shoes for a second. How hard would it be to follow those counter-intuitive instructions?

She obeyed and God did the miraculous! He fed Elijah, fed the widow, her son, and continued to feed them as promised.

God often uses others to meet our needs

Paul teaches (in 2 Cor. 8) that we have financial resources to meet each other’s needs. I may be used to help a believer in need. Then, I may be in a season when I am in need and another believer may be used to help meet me.

God will sovereignly work beyond our understanding to do the impossible. Col. 3:20-21

We cannot expect to handle and work through the worst of financial crisis by our own planning, strength, or wisdom.

Improve Your Faith and Finances:

Wisely steward the financial resources God has entrusted you with and trust in Him always. Look for opportunities to meet another’s needs. Do so by faith in the name of Jesus. Be open to the possibility that God may meet a later need through someone else.

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