Dr. Bryan Stensaas is a Vietnam veteran, church planter, has an accredited Ph.D. in education, and is a former radio host and college instructor—but most of us know him as a Veteran Missionary to Uganda.

We had the privilege of sitting down with Bro Stensaas and speak with him about some of his experiences in the field and what God has taught he and his wife, Cheri, in their 32 years of serving as Missionaries.

In This Episode, We Look At:

From the Gulf of Tonkin, to the plateau in Uganda, we’ll hear the incredible story of how God orchestrated His plan for Bryan Stensaas’s life.

Bro Stensaas candidly shares mistakes he’s made along the way and what he believes today’s Missionaries ought to do to prepare for life in the field. His story of how God greatly expanded his reach and multiplied his preaching efforts will inspire you. His financial and deputation advice will surprise you (It surprised us).

We will also hear how God used peripheral neuropathy to bring Bro Stensaas back to the States and how He is greatly using him here—far from the tropics of Uganda which has been his home for the last 21 years.

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For a financial gift to the work in Uganda through Bro Bryan’s son, Keith Stensaas: http://kstensaasfamily.com/partner/

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