In this episode, we’ll join Tim as he teaches one of several sessions in his Faith and Finances Series.


In This Episode, We Look At:
Why are there so many verses in Scripture on the subject of money? The majority are aimed at our heart.

Our actions come from our beliefs. Our beliefs come from our hearts.

If we desire to improve our Faith and Finances, we need to address what we believe about money. Who is the true Owner, what does stewardship mean, and, what does stewardship look like in our world today?

There are financial promises in God’s Word that are contingent upon our faith and action.

Understanding our true citizenship

As Christians, we are primarily citizens of Heaven. Real treasure is what we lay up in Heaven; through both giving (Matt. 6:20) and in whatsoever we do unto the Lord.

“Without a doubt, the single greatest contributor to our inability to see money and possessions in their true light is our persistent failure to see our present lives through the lens of eternity.” – Randy Alcorn


Today’s Resources and Links:
Ambassador Baptist Church’s Podcast on iTunes

Faith and Finances, Eternal Promises for Today’s Resources by Tim Rosen


One Thing You Can Do Today to Improve Your Faith and Finances:
Acknowledge God’s true ownership and choose to manage your finances as a Manager of God’s resources. The Owner bears the burden, and the Owner will take care of you!


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