Ah, marriage! It’s that moment when two hearts become one and each one instantly understands the other and agree on all matters…

Now back to reality.


In This Episode, We Look At:

We all have our individual beliefs

Destructive Beliefs lead to: Stress, shame, guilt, fear, pain, selfishness, worry, doubt, suffering; potential sins such as covetousness, greed and idolatry.

Healthy Beliefs lead to: Love, joy, peace, energy, passion, fun, accomplishments

Paying the personal price

There is a personal price we pay when we do not identify and resolve conflicting beliefs about money. These include:

Income, savings, giving, helping others, confidence, satisfaction, relationships, communication, personal happiness, health, well-being

Replace the destructive belief with a true, healthy belief

Example: I could replace a destructive belief of “There’s no point in having a savings; something always comes up.”

With: “Praise God I have an income and can find some extra dollars to save for when things come up.”

Lastly: Put your new belief(s) into action

Today’s Resources and Links:

Faith and Finances: Eternal Promises for Today’s Resources, By Tim Rosen <affiliate link>


One Thing You Can Do Today to Improve Your Financial World:

Seek first to understand your spouse before you desire to be understood. Identify each other’s strengths. Apply those strengths to your finances.

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