Good ‘Ole RETAIL creating new Holidays and traditions for frenzied shoppers.

Black Friday falls on November 25 this year. This tradition is so named to reflect the day Retailers become v the day after shoppers ate a bunch of turkey.


In This Episode We Look At:
A Battle Plan to divide and conquer on Black Friday:

Make a list, check it twice, of those who you will buy presents for.

Don’t let family pressure or comparisons cause you to buy for more persons than you can afford to

Roughly sketch out gift ideas for each recipient.

Without this focus, shoppers are more likely to overspend

Determine the maximum amount of money (cash/debit) you will spend on Christmas presents. Resolve beforehand not to exceed that amount.

Remember, going over your budget may lead to the inability to pay other bills, or result in creating, or adding to DEBT.

Utilize Online services to save time, get lower prices, and perhaps free shipping.

US News and World Report last season posted “The 7 Best Websites to Find Black Friday Deals”

Today’s Resources and Links: “for a comprehensive database of Black Friday sales from major department stores, retailers and specialty stores. “ “an active message board where people share the latest leaked ads and tips on how they’re navigating Black Friday sales.  with a Countdown to Black Friday event for the weeks until Thanksgiving. the Black Friday shopping forecast for savvy shopping tips and insights. at-a-glance rundown of stores that have recently posted Black Friday discounts on various items – and a heads up on Cyber Monday specials take a look at product guides for specific items so you know where to go for the best price on TVs, tablets, laptops, Apple gadgets and other hot items of the season. boasts an easy-to-navigate listing of sales and a feature where you can track your favorite deals, print out a wish list and share it with friends and family. A complementary mobile app helps you save products to wish lists with a few screen taps.


One Thing You Can Do Today to Improve Your Faith and Finances:
Prayerfully consider a reasonable amount of money that your family can allocate to the purchasing of Christmas gifts, resolve to stay within that budget and don’t let family or peer pressure cause you to buy gifts you cannot afford, or would otherwise not purchase.


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