In this episode we share an interview with Dr. Don Sisk.

Dr. Sisk is the President/General Director Emeritus of BIMI and joined Lancaster Baptist Church as the chairman of the missions department of West Coast Baptist College in 2003. He has preached at over 1,700 Missions Conferences in over 60 countries.

Dr. Sisk and his wife, Virginia, travel to churches around the world to encourage and train missionaries.

In This Episode We Look At:
How Dr. Sisk heard God’s clear calling into ministry in 1954.

We learn of Dr. Sisk’s part in establishing what is now the oldest and longest running Baptist church in Okinawa, Japan–The Senri New Town Baptist Church.

We learn the meaning and benefits of Faith Promise Giving.

“If I had not been obedient to the tithe, I would not have been obedient to the faith promise giving. If I had not been obedient to faith promise giving, I could not have preached it to other people.” – Dr. Don Sisk
Dr. Sisk responds to the questions: “Do you see a disconnect with the body of Christ and the current support of Missionaries?” and, “What would you say to the Christian who is struggling financially and says, ‘I want to give to missions but cannot see how.’?”

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Where Only God Could Lead: The Life Story of Don Sisk  [Affiliate Link]

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