Our lives are driven by habits.

We may have healthy habits or we may have negative and destructive habits.

What you do is habit and what you do not do is a habit.


In This Episode We Look At:

Identifying your own money habits

What is the first financial transaction you make on payday?

Are you addicted to receiving those Amazon boxes on your doorstep?

Not saving or investing–is a habit.

Many habits cannot be eliminated, but they can be changed

Establish an “anchor” habit. One habit that creates other supportive habits. An example would be the habit of logging everything that you eat to develop the habit of avoiding M&M’s and other sweets; because it is not motivating to report that you ate a bag of M&M’s.

A financial anchor habit for the Christian could be honoring the Lord first with your paycheck. This strengthens your dependence upon God and causes you to consider how you spend the remaining income. This can develop into other supporting habits like budgeting and adding to savings.

Today’s Resources and Links:

The Power of Habits by Charles Duhigg [affiliate link]

One Thing You Can Do Today to Improve Your Faith and Finances:

Identify just one money habit that should be replaced with a healthier habit and make that one change. An example could be the habit of over-spending when shopping. The replacement habit would be to bring only the cash budgeted for grocery shopping. Not only will you not go over budget, it is possible that you may spend less as it is emotionally harder to spend cash than swipe a card.

Bonus Idea:

Create the habit of carrying Gospel tracks with you and be prepared to feed a hungry person. Be a blessing by giving them food and a gospel track in Jesus’ name.

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