There are countless books on the subject of money management and many more web articles on the subject. While many can be of practical help; as Christians, we have the most valuable resource–God’s Word.

In This Episode We Look At:

Eight steps to biblical money management and how to apply biblical principles to today’s financial needs.

Some of the topics we work through: Honoring the Lord with our substance, Paying Ourselves, Avoiding Assumptions, and the inevitable “Writing a Budget”

Tim expounds on Scripture that is focused on helping to have victory in the area of finances. That further enables us to experience peace, joy and a godly testimony.

Today’s Resources and Links:

The Faith and Finances Cash Flow Worksheet [Follow the link and then either download or make a Google Docs copy for yourself]

One Thing You Can Do Today to Improve Your Faith and Finances:

Download our Cash Flow Management Worksheet and work together to fill in your own dollar amounts. Having a visual helps in your efforts to improve your financial world.

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