009: Does the Tithe Apply to the New Testament Church?


Some Christians feel nervous, defensive, or guilty at the mention of the tithe.

There is obviously a disparity in beliefs, evidenced by a Barna study reporting that only 16% of evangelical Christians tithe.

In This Episode We Look At:

The Purpose of the tithe: According to Scripture it is, “…that ye may learn to fear the Lord thy God always.” Deut. 14:23. What does that mean to us today?

The Great Divide: Various reasons why many Christians do not tithe.

What we miss out on when we do not honor the Lord with the tithe.

One Thing You Can Do Today to Improve Your Faith and Finances:

If you are not currently tithing, decide to take a step of faith (and strengthen your faith) by committing to prayerfully honor the Lord with thanksgiving for His provision and trust Him to provide for you!

What Are Your Thoughts?

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