God Promised the Children of Israel an Inheritance of a land dripping with Milk and Honey- The Abrahamic Covenant.

When they reached the Jordan and were about to go claim their lands as inheritance (God’s promise) The Lord commanded them to go and possess the land, and that He would deliver their enemies into their hands. That’s an awesome promise and assurance. But, they could not simply walk over, plant their “Family Flag” in the ground and kindly ask the mean people to go away- they had to suit up and pick up their sword !

Obeying The Lord to go into battle requires requires faith. It can be a fearful undertaking, you have to fight! Your preparation for battle would include practicing your sword skills, strength and endurance to swing your sword for hours on end, while also lifting a heavy shield for protection.

Faith, strength, skill, endurance. All needed in claiming these promises.

We have promises from God today, promises that are just as amazing and indescribable to us as they were when they were written and recorded for us. And they still require action on our part.

Provisional Promises:

Need: God’s guidance
Promise: He will direct thy paths. Pro. 3:6

My part (Action): Trust in The Lord – Lean not upon your own understanding. Pro. 3:5-6

Need: Wisdom
Promise: God GIVETH to all men liberally and upraideth not. James 1:5

My Part (Action): Ask, believing and do not doubt! James 1:6

Need: Financial provision
Promise: Your needs will more than be met. Pro 3:10

My part: Honor The Lord with my substance and the Firstfruits of all my increase. Pro. 3:9

Giving to The Lord when resources appear to be insufficient is hard, our flesh resists. We need to remember that God’s thoughts are not our thoughts, neither are our ways His ways. His way requires faith; it is then when we can see Him do “exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think.” (Eph. 3:20)- and He gets the glory, not us- that His way!

Christian, suit up, pick up your sword, be strong and of great courage and enjoy God’s precious promises!

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