With the fresh start a of New Year just days away, I want to offer up these 9 Bible principles that when applied, will increase your financial peace of mind,improve harmony in the home and further the cause of Christ:

1. Approach your finances as a Steward of God’s resources. James 1:17

God owns everything include our lives, families and finances. He wants to reward your faithfulness as stewards.

2. Pay the Lord what is His. Lev. 27:30

God’s purpose for the tithe is to teach His children to put Him first, trusting Him to provide for them with the remaining 90% The principle of “First fruits” is that we give the Lord the first and the best of our increase, and enjoy His promises of provision.

3. Honor the Lord with your Substance. Prov 3:9-10

Here we see a promise with a provision; IF we honor the Lord with our substance and the firstfruits of our increase, then He will fills our barns with plenty, and our vats will burst with new wine. He will do as He promises when we obey Him.

4. Pay yourself. Prov. 21:20

As Proverbs 21:20 tells us that there is treasure to be desired and oil in the house of the wise, we see that one must save in order to have these valuable commodities in our household. In today’s terms, the wise save up for the inevitable expenses in life, the fool spends it all.

5. Spend according to your needs. Matthew 6:11

The Lord’s prayer teaches us to ask for today’s provision, trusting Him with tomorrow.

6. Save for large purchases. Luke 14:28

We can avoid a lot of pain and heartache if we would practice delayed gratification, save up money, then make our purchases, rather than getting into the bondage of debt.

7. Avoid making financial decisions based on the assumption that finances will improve in the future. James 4:13-15

Be aware that we do have an enemy and he works ever so subtly to get you to look at and trust finances, rather than trust the Giver of all things. Sometimes that subtly comes in the form of a desire for ownership , discontentment or covetousness. Luke 12:15

8. Avoid debt. Proverbs 22:7; Ecc. 5:5

It is not God’s will that His children be in the bondage of debt, but to be free to serve Him and give, and go as He would direct.

9. Write out a simple, God-honoring budget which is simply a spending plan. Luke 14:28

It is much easier to manage money when you visually see the income versus outflow of bills and other expenditures. It can also be quite revealing when you actually see how much money is going out to certain categories as dining out, entertainment, shopping and such. A written budget allows an opportunity to look for “inefficiencies” and then a plan to become more efficient.

I hope you will take a moment to look up and read these scriptures, asking God to guide and provide for you this coming year!

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