When we hear the word, beneficiary, we generally think of someone who is the recipient of a financial gift or estate.

When you give to the Lord, who do you believe the beneficiary is?

If I re-phrased the question and asked, “When you give to the Lord, who is the Eternal beneficiary?” How would you answer now?

The answer is “You.” Yes, the Lord actually instructs us to “Lay up for yourselves treasure in heaven” Matt. 6:20

When we “honor the Lord” with our substance and “the firstfruits of all increase” , those gifts are used to further His Kingdom, and He promises to keep that gift safe for us as treasure in our home in heaven.

“By clinging to what isn’t ours, we forgo the opportunity to be granted ownership in heaven. But by generously distributing God’s property on earth we will become property owners in heaven.”

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