Summer- an opportunity for many to travel, get away for awhile, to refresh and relax. Often it is a time to visit family that have not been seen in a long time or visit a City or State that is new to you. Perhaps your family has a Summer tradition (my tradition is to seek out extraordinary BBQ!).

I often remind my daughter as we travel that God is always with us, no matter where we go, though we are away from the comforts of home and our home church. At the same time I am also reminded that while we are on vacation, Today is still the day to build upon the foundation of Christ gold,silver,precious stones, wood, hay and stuble. God still sets spiritual appointments for us during times of relaxing; the person in the seat next to on a plane, the waitress working in that restaurant you decide to try for the first time. What crisis could they be facing today? We might be minutes from entering that long-awaited amusement park, yet there may be a soul right in front of you in need of the Saviour or someone hungry in need of a meal given in Jesus’ name.

There are certainly things and times to enjoy, all the while opportunities abound to build with gold, silver, and precious stones; those things which will last for eternity!

Let us remember to honor The Lord with our actions and with the resources He has entrusted us with during these times of refreshing, as we are always stewards. Perhaps it is helpful for many to send in their tithes and offerings prior to leaving town, as it’s very easy to leave behind essentials in the midst of packing( I’ve had to purchase many shirts and belts because I rushed my packing)

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